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TC6 Series Vertical Camber Tuning Kit (Part# TG03059) - DISCONTINUED - Product Image

TC6 Series Vertical Camber Tuning Kit (Part# TG03059) - DISCONTINUED

The Team GRID drop-in camber tuning kit enables vertical camber link tuning on the Associated TC6 and TC6.1 touring cars.  This kit utilizes the existing holes on the front and rear shock towers for infinite vertical camber link ball tuning. 

Since most racers are using the #1, #3 and #7 camber locations on the stock towers, the Team GRID camber kit allows for the exact use of these camber holes along with the flexibility of the inverted ball link system, which provides added positive and negative vertical adjustments from these locations.  It gives racers easy reference to their existing set up and the ease of tuning outside of that. 

The Team GRID camber kit also includes an extra tuning hole between #1 and #7 for even more tuning capabilities.  Any 3mm spacer from 0.1 up to 6mm can be used for all the tuning.


- Complete kit for front and rear set up

- Inverted vertical ballstud for greater tuning range

- #1, #3 and #7 locations and new #8 tuning hole

- Positive and negative tuning for #1,#3,#7 and #8 

- Kit includes eight mounting socket cap screws.

- Installation instructions



- Associated 10mm ballstud-short #31282 (not included)

- 3mm x 0.1mm to 6mm tuning spacers for each vertical adapter


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SKU Number: TG03059
Price: $39.00 

Toronto, Ontario