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Team GRID BalancePro ZERO (OUT OF STOCK) - Product Image


Team GRID released the BalancePro V1 and V2 a few years ago that have leveling legs and sensitive micro bearings based wheel balancer.  This tool gave racers the ability to balance their wheels to reduce unwanted high-speed wheel vibration.

The new Team GRID BalancePro ZEOR may be the world’s most sensitive wheel balancer for touring cars.  Touring car wheels are much lighter than off-road wheels and can benefit from even more precise balancing.   Team GRID BalancePro ZERO is the tool that can deliver the extra racing edge needed for the new and faster touring cars. 

Team GRID BalancePro ZERO uses a true parallel twin blade knife-edge balancing system to provide zero friction balancing on its continuous contact area, that no other ball bearing based system can offer.   Even balanced wheels from a bearing based balancer may still appear unbalanced on the Team GRID BalancePro ZERO. 

Team GRID BalancePro ZERO has ultra sensitive capability and can level perfectly on any surface on its three adjustable legs with the aid of a bubble level.  Its balance rod is precision ground with an ultra light weight Delrin hub adapter and a finger guard to ensure total safety.


- 1/10 Touring car specific

- Highest sensitivity

- Adjustable no-marring feet

- True knife-edge system

- Precision ground steel balance-rod with Delrin adapter

- Anodized CNC machined aluminum

*** Note: Bubble level required, not included

(Price shown in USD)

SKU Number: TG99198
Price: $55.00 

Toronto, Ontario