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Team GRID Shock Shaft Tool - Product Image

Team GRID Shock Shaft Tool

The Team GRID shock shaft tool makes it effortlessly for builders to assemble hundreds of shock shafts without ever having to squeeze a pair of pliers.

The Team GRID shock shaft tool uses a clamping design, so that once it is clamped down on the shock shaft, it will never let go until you are ready to release it.  Incorporating 3, 3.5 and 4mm holes, Team GRID shock shaft tool will accommodate almost all of today’s shock shafts, especially the 4mm shock shafts which are the toughest to install ball ends as most builders already know.

The Team GRID shock shaft tool can be used on either partially assembled shock shafts where the shafts are already in the shock body or, just the shafts by itself. 


- For use with 1/0 to 1/8 shock shafts

- Continuous clamping by design

- Includes 3, 3.5 and 4mm holes

- Anodized CNC machined

(Price shown in USD)

SKU Number: TG99208
Price:   $19.00 

Toronto, Ontario